YAK UK Company

The company was started and is run by ’94 British aerobatic champion Mark Jefferies, and supplies Yak and Eastern Bloc aircraft worldwide. To date, as well as the UK we have supplied to America, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Yak UK holds factory dealership and is in partnership with Termikas in Lithuania who hold JAR145 approval. Our maintenance facility provides top technical support and also supplies parts (largest spares stockist for Yak in the West), and because our engineers deal almost exclusively with Yaks they know the aircraft intimately.
As well as the usual sales and maintenance we have, and have had various projects running:

The rebuild of a Yak 11 operated by Mark as G-BTUB. Flown by himself, it is a regular on the airshow circuit. The company flagship.
The rebuild of another Yak 11 found in Czech republic for a German customer. The basic airframe is now almost complete, with most of the work being concentrated on installing the systems before fitting the wings.
The repair of a Yak 1 fuselage to airworthy condition and the supply of parts for the projects’ completion for Guy Black at Vintage Aero Engineering. (WW2 fighter)
The supply of systems parts to John Garrick in the States for a Yak3. (WW2 fighter)
A Laser Z200 which we built from drawings, and in which Mark went to win the 1994 British Aerobatic Championships. G-VILL
We are the owners and operators of Lt Gransden, and in addition to the above can also provide:

Excellent Yak conversion and aerobatic training with SKYTRACE at Halfpenny Green who use Russian instructors and specialize solely in Yaks.
Air displays in YAK 11, YAK 50, YAK 52 as an aerobatic team of 6 and Laser Z200.
Anything else on Yaks which you may care to ask us.
Engine overhaul shop with JAR 145 specializing in Radials and out of production vintage engines.